Prix Ars Electronica 2003, Honorary Mention Digital Musics:

Gert-Jan Prins took his Risk to our incidental ears. He is using nothing you can buy in a shop as proper instrument.
In terms of technology, this could be a by-product of a customized mechanical process that assembles the likes of
radio transmitters and other objects fo aural projection of frequency interference onto crowds and eventually, Pro Tools.
This is shárp. There's a snap to it. It's really differentiated and shaped.
It pulses madly and is very raw. This isn't music as we generally know it, but it does utilize a technical structure
that can be perceived as a nonlinear musical sound experience. Jump, cut and crazy whir.
Are we judging artists, techniques, objects, or pieces? In this unusual case of a person manipulating
small analog machineson a table, we find him guilty of all charges! Are we reacting to names or what we hear?
Well, this wasn't just another electro-acoustic "squeaky toy" narrative- this was skilled in a blunt,
rugged maner - these are fresh ways of connecting devices together - just who is this guy anyway?
And what is this about? It's not trying toput the listener into some special state that is supposed to tell you something.
It's a direct impetus.

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