installations 2008 - 2021

august 2021, heerlen, nl, exhibition nightshift


may - june 2020 frans masereel centre, kasterlee, belgium, gj prins, electrochemical experiments on paper


may - august 2018 gj prins workperiod at european ceramic workcentre, oisterwijk, nl,

solo exhibition at club solo, may 2016, breda, nl

cavity floor, radio- and transmitter electronics, copper epoxy plates, speakers, 2016

cavity: solo version, 2016, break before make, 2008- 2016

metal feedback, 18,4 x 1,08 m, copper epoxy plates, saltprint

multiple: radio, zender, 2016, radio, transmitter, amplifier, speaker, copper epoxy plate,
edition of 5 copies, plus two a.p., the edition is sold out.

from left to right:
shielded, 2011; stavanger consol radiofyr, map, 1941; break before make, 2008 - 2016; cavity: solo version, 2016

cavity: solo version, 2010-2016, copper epoxy plates, saltprint, electronics

cavity: solo version, 2010-2016, copper epoxy plates, saltprint, electronics

square wave cavity, chaotic oscillators, receivers,electronic sound, table, 2015

break before make II, electronic device, digital and analogue electronics, 2014

cavity: the shielded version, rf signal blocking tent, metal textile, electronic sound, 3 x 2,5 x 2,5 meter, 2011


reduced objects, ongoing series of stripped electronic objects, 2010

cavity: the capacitive version, huge enclosure from copper epoxy print plate, electronics, 2010,

the cavity version of break before make, sound installation, collection of the stedelijk museum, amsterdam, nl, 2008

© GJ Prins, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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