do shine'o & prinsjan the d&b album
bowindo cd 04

domenico sciajno real time computer processing
gert-jan prins electronics, fm / am modulations

diamonds will do

recorded may 2002 at steim studio, amsterdam, the netherlands


Improvisation musicians do listen to popmusic, techno and drum & bass, and some of them adopt a music
style and pretend that they are doing the same thing. The Vacuum Boys for instance is such a band,
pretending to be a real rock group, but in return just use powerbooks, guitars and electronics.
Maybe it's there that Gert-Jan Prins, electronic specialist for the Vacuum Boys, got the idea to do a
drum & bass album, with Domenico Sciajno. Sciajno plays real time computer processing and Prins the
electronics and fm/am modulations. Despite the title, this music has nothing to do with drum and bass.
It's an album filled with rhythms, cracklings,modulations, which indeed move over the entire sound spectrum
- much low end and much high end -, just like drum & bass does, but this is high improvisation at work here.
Prins sets the sounds, by twitching, turning and hitting his circuits and dailing his radio knobs, while Sciajno
receives the sounds and twists the computer knobs up and distorts the whole thing a bit further. Well made
improvised music that fits along the lines of labels such as Erstwhile and Grob, for those who take improvised
music a bit futher. (Frans de Waard in Vital Weekly)

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