the vacuum boys space break dance challenge
cd takashi mobile 01

heimir björgúlfsson, guy amitai, dan armstrong, gert-jan prins

wack ass alien creeps
welcome. the jive sets it up
alien punk bullshit moves, think they so bad
vacuum boys take da floor
funk yo. g ice busta move
i'll samurai on yo' ass. breaky-d swepps it home
we be doin' it fo earth
buzzit. the snake sets it up
the moonwalk

all tracks recorded live in december 2002 at prins studios,
amsterdam, at c.u.b.a. münster,
and at around 2.30h / 3.00h in the cold morning of december 8th, 2002 at spielplatz goldfinger in frankfurt.
cover art by meeuw

this cd is currently sold-out

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