gert-jan prins risk
mini-cd mego 072

gert-jan prins electronics fm-modulations

tracks 1-13

made by gert-jan prins in 2003
mastering by marcus schmickler, köln, germany
design by frank scheikl, vienna, austria

for risk see also: risk mego 072

With "Risk" Prins creates a brutal world where electrical breaking points become blasting moments of sharpened
sensual attention. His unique self-developed electronic system uses radio- and transmitter technology, and
creates strong noises with great physical energy."I try to squeeze the self created feedback sound till it's on the edge
of exploding, but it's also the fascination for the chaotic instinct of my machines, that they create shifting rhythmical
patterns, as well as a sound of liquified rockmusic, the media inherent found fragments of speech/music, and
a seemingly acoustic world cooking in between drum-, wind- and stringsounds.

this cd is currently sold-out

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