mimeo sight
cath004 cd in oversized digipack, may 2007

Gert-Jan Prins
Thomas Lehn
Kaffe Matthews
Peter Rehberg
Jérôme Noetinger
Marcus Schmickler
Christian Fennesz
Phil Durrant
Rafael Toral
Cor Fuhler
Keith Rowe

sight  is the title of the fifth album by the electronic improvisation supergroup MIMEO.
sight is a project inspired by stories of the American painter Cy Twombly that describe how he took up the
occasional practice of drawing and painting blindfolded, creating art despite being unable to use the most
obvious sense required for the task.For the sight project each of the eleven members of MIMEO
spread across Europe were asked to place approximately five minutes of sound anywhere they chose
onto a blank sixty minute CDR. This was done independently of one another, with no communication
between the musicians about how or where the music should be distributed on the disc.This process was
only completed after the musicians had spent considerable time considering the task at hand, trying to
understand what their colleagues may be doing. Finally in late 2006 the finished CDRs were sent to
one group member, Marcus Schmickler, who then compiled all eleven discs onto one single CDR,
superimposing the eleven pieces of music over each other to create a single work. This task was completed
without listening to the music at any stage.
The CDR was then later sent to myself at Cathnor Recordings where it remained unplayed until it was sent to
the pressing plant.

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