van bergen / prins / fennesz dawn
grob cd 427

peter van bergen windinstruments, ewi, sampling, computer
gert-jan prins electronics, fm modulations
christian fennesz computer


dawn, composition by  van bergen / prins / fennesz
produced by gert-jan prins and peter van bergen
dawn is part of violence & precision, a special  project by studio LOOS,
recording engineer: holger scheuermann
recorded on november 2, 2000 during the
"total music meeting" at the "podewil", berlin


Dawn is a classical improvisation record, everything but post modern. It was recorded at the legendary
Total Music Meeting of Free Music Production in November 2000. Dawn is a composition played off the cuff of
nearly 42 minutes. All the highs and lows of a longer composition are on this recording: searching and finding,
restrained groping and violent erupting....
The decisive factor, however, is that this music is played by people who have nothing or very little to do with
this attitude, by Gert-Jan Prins (see his solo record Prins Live, GROB 210), by the saxophone player and
composer Peter van Bergen (Ensemble LOOS but also projects with Georg Graewe or Wolfgang Fuchs) and
by Christian Fennesz, one of the superstars of the electronica jet set (see his current MEGO CD Endless
Summer; he can also be heard on the GROB CD Mimeo&emdash;Electric Chair + Table). Via their strictly "electronic
thinking" (one hears a saxophone, of course, but the appearance deceives), these musicians break away from
the approach on musical material developed within free improvisation in the last 40 years. On the other hand,
this thinking does not lead to a "clicks ‚n' cuts" aesthetic, but rather to a musical process that has been worked
hard for, provisional, not completed, but gripping at every moment: what will happen next? What is coming?
What breaks off and grows a new afterwards? Hybrid music.

This live recording from 2000 made at Podewil, is a pretty straight forward recording of three guys searching
(or maybe re-searching) the depths and heights of improvised music and electronica. The music is vast,
dense affair of cracking electronics, modified windinstruments and manipulations through the laptop.
Like ever so often this can be a hit or miss afair, but that's exactely the power of these recordings.
One hears some struggling before hitting a great move, exploring that and then moving on to the next.
This is improvised music as it should be: great moves, silly mistakes, small gestures and a good sense of
communication. (Vital Weekly , FdW)

Une superbe progression où se rencontrent des contraires, douceur et abrasion,
linéarité, et accident, légèreté et épaisseur, espace et étouffement...précisant tout autant
la complémentarité des musiciens que leur volonté des casser certains codes trop rigides
de la musique électronique.
Comme ces moments où les émotions de cordes frottées et d'instruments à vent frénétiques
s'évanouissent, soutenues par la force vrombissante de sons analogiques qui figurent
les reliefs assagis d'un torrent muré sur la glace. (feardrop)

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